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On-Demand Rhino Training

Begin your Rhino training anytime-anywhere with Vimeo OnDemand access to previously recorded, live classes!!!

OnDemand classes are:

  • Offered as rentals for a three month periodWatch as many times are you like during that time.
  • Based on the official Rhinoceros 5 Training Guides.
  • Taught by McNeel Corporate Trainers. (McNeel Trainers work directly for a McNeel Regional offices, are all ARTs, and are responsible for certifying ARTs.)
  • Discounted 20% off McNeel live online training.
  • Designed for those that want McNeel training, and can not attend the live classroom or online training.
  • Accessed simply from most devices that run a web browser
  • One price for commercial or educational use.

Please email any questions to Mary Fugier.

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