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I'm somewhat new to Rhino as a fabrication aide. I have professional history in modeling, rendering, grasshopper... so those aspects of Rhino are fairly familiar to me.


I am looking for a tool that (1) allows me to unfold a series of surfaces (Nurbs preferred, but Mesh is possible) while (2) creating 'tabs' for assemble. My hope is to flatten a somewhat complex piece of geometry, lasercut the layout, and then quickly use the tabs/slots to re-fold/re-create the object in physical form.


Does anyone have a tool/script/GHX def for doing this? 



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You may look at Paneling Tools and Squish...
Hi Jesse. it seems that what you need is Lamina design. www.laminadesign.com Sees some example in my album. I am using of this software and is very efficient for this task. If to want more information is the will to ask

have you tried the software from solid3dtech.com? it works.

It can unfold a multi-faced brep into a single contour and it also can unfold the tessesllated surfaces. Search in youtube for samples.

Have you seen inside Rhino 5.0 the Squish command?

Hi Jesse,

fairly old thread but I'll drop my 2 cents. Unless your original geometry is already developable, you need to get it developable if you work with materials with no stretch. If it is developable already just use Rhino's unroll command. Our software -EvoluteTools for Rhino optimizes freeform double curved surfaces for developability, this is what we used in the ShapeToFabrication Corian workshop. Downside is - not a free tool.




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