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 I am looking for a hands-on student project for second level students. My first level students do some 3-D modeling and learn ortho projection and simple dimensioning, plus design, build, and test a balsa bridge. I need an interesting activity for the following semester. We do have a CO2 laser in the classroom available... Suggestions?

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May I ask if you have CNC machines in your classroom and what type?
We have a very small Techno DaVinci router with a work area of about 5 x 10 inches, and a Chinese made X-1 CNC mill from LittleMachineShop.com with a 4th axis that I'm still trying to figure out how to use. It runs on Mach3 and I haven't learned how to use that yet. We also have a Roland MDX-15 which has a probe and is set up to carve wax blocks for molds or whatever. It's really small. We have several manual lathes and mills and a Dimension 768SST r-p machine that's about 8x8x12; we use it primarily to make pieces to use as patterns for sand casting aluminum or brass, and occasionally a small model. It's too expensive to run for a project that all students do.

Andres Gonzalez said:
May I ask if you have CNC machines in your classroom and what type?

Andres,  I have been in Doug's lab several times.  Last visit was at the end

of the school year this year.  bob koll



Have you cut airfoils with your laser?  do you have the airfoil tutorial with PowerPoint, Rhino File, and xl spreadsheet for a 4321 naca airfoil?  Let me know and I'll update the stuff a bit and send it along. 




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