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Call for Papers | Rob|Arch 2012: Robotic Fabrication in Architecture, Art, and Design | www.robarch2012.org

Workshops: 14.-16.12.2012 / Conference: 17.-18.12.2012

ROB|ARCH has been initiated by the Association for Robots in Architecture as a new conference series on the use of robotic fabrication in architecture, art, and design, closely linking industry with cutting-edge research institutions.

For the first time, ROB|ARCH 2012 will bring together international university partners who will open their robotic research labs to a creative use and present an insight in their applied robotic research at various locations throughout Europe. While the international workshops will be distributed at university partners, the following conference will take place in Vienna, a city well known for its living quality, but also a hotspot for technology and innovation.

The internationally renowned publishing house Springer Wien/New York will publish and market the proceedings of the conference worldwide with the following topics:

-design to robotic fabrication
-rapid prototyping with industrial robots
-mass customisation
-robots beyond industrial uses
-robotic aesthetics
-customized robotics
-digital and physical robotic interfaces


13.12.2012 Free sponsor “pre-workshops” for ABB Robot Studio and Grasshopper

14.12. – 16.12.2012 Conference workshops: @Rotterdam: 2x ABB IRB6400 by TU Delft and University of Michigan/Jelle Feringa & Wes McGee @Stuttgart: KUKA KR125/2 by University Stuttgart / Achim Menges & Tobias Schwinn @Graz: ABB IRB6600 by TU Graz / Andreas Trummer @Zurich: KUKA KR150 by ETH Zurich and ROB Technologies / Gramazio & Kohler @Vienna: 2x KUKA LWR by TU Vienna / Marcus Vincze et al. @Vienna: ABB IRB120 by HAL /  Thibault Schwartz

17.12.-18.12.2012 Conference sessions at TU Vienna
Paper Submission

We invite authors to submit papers with original research relating to the use of robots in architecture, art, and design. An international scientific committee consisting of researchers and practising architects will evaluate the papers and provide feedback to the authors. The selected papers are published in the Springer proceedings and presented at the conference in Vienna.

Electronic Submission of Abstracts 04.06.2012 Electronic Submission of Full Papers 16.07.2012 Author notification 10.09. 2012 Final Paper due 01.10.2012

Information and Contact

See www.robarch2012.org for details and up-to-date information. For any questions regarding the Rob|Arch 2012 conference, please contact chair@robarch2012.org

Sigrid Brell Cokcan & Johannes Braumann Conference Chairs, Association for Robots in Architecture

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