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Oi, I am new in the forum. My name is Hebert Franco, I live in Brazil and I am to designer and work with mockups. I have cut machines laser and CNC Router. Very I am interested In the process of construction of parts using to construct ribs. My English is not very good and waits to be understood. The work of Tyler Whaley in this forum is what necessary. How to make this in the rhino? oubi to speak in this forum of one plugin chadado rib to maker, but I did not find almost nothing on it. If somebody will be able to help will ficerei me very grateful. It has Brazilian colleagues in the forum and we poderiamos to trace information. Digital fabrication is a thing that desire to dominate. All information very will be appreciated.
Hebert Franco

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Hi Helbert, may be you can talk to Rafael del Molino, he is the person behind RhinoNEST, may be this will help you.
Let me know if this can help!
Andres, thanks for answering. I find that Rhinoneste a great tool. Certament to assist will go me sufficiently. mainly for it to be able to make slice and also to optimize the cut of the parts. But what I want and a tool to create ribs with in the attached photos. somebody in this forum cited Ribmaker, but I do not obtain to find another time post.

Hebert Franco


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