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Great pitch... I not sure how much impact it will have.

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Every one has to see the video too!

Discerning and very opportune the deposition. Here in Brazil the reality is not different. All want to go for the university. E with this the quality of education worsening to each day. what it provokes one another problem. They are forming profissonais absolutely disqualified and unprepared for the reality of the market of work due the banalização of superior education. Ha talentos sufficients not to teach. The pupil is common to have as professor, a colleague of annuls of the previous year without having had no experience or contact with the reality of the profession. Already I contracted trainees for example of courses of design or architecture that they did not know to interpret a project. They did not have knowledge of scale or dimensions. I agree entirely to Mike. She is necessary intense campaigns to modify the concept of what it must be valued as profession. The fact to have university does not have to be more important of what being good in what it becomes. It does not matter what. Exactly that it is a dirty work. that well it is made.

I myself never I attended a course a university. E I am discriminated by some less wise ones because of this. But this does not make to feel me minor. I find until diverdido when I am criticized why I know that in deep the my knowledge it bothers those that if hide behind a superior formation not to show its lack of ability



Hebert Franco

Thanks Helbert, I find what you described in many places... People need to go back and use their hands too.

I think that to use the hands, first she is necessary to use the brain. Unhappyly few are made use to make dirty the hands. The schools have that to teach to think. She is necessary to teach that a computer alone obeys orders. e well given orders well is executed. e orders badly given is disastrous. In my company he is necessary first to use the hands. To help in montage, to know the materials and its characteristics, to coexist the problems that involve the digital manufacture, the functioning of them you scheme etc. Alone later it is ready to be ahead of a computer. Thus it will only have the elements necessary to face the challenges of each project. This becomes the difficult things very. All want a room with conditional air. The fruits without planting the seed want spoon. I have passed difficult moments due to people to desenpenhar tasks. Of a secretary to designer that it wants to be directed. We are passing for a period of radical social transformations. We with more than 40 do not understand for where we go and new they do not know of where they had come.


Hebert Franco


Who life will see.


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